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Christmas, day Two

I keep getting comments on the “Lists” post, and I also get comments in my e-mail from people too bashful to comment publicly…[I’m apparently breaking some rule or other by letting the little voices in my head out; they’re supposed to be my secret or something] …Links directing me to sites detailing the “History of …

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Holiday Humor

Christmas Card humor

So, I got the inevitable link to a flash Christmas card again this year. This one was hiding out on the servers at Reuters, for some reason… [But has since been moved. Here’s a link to the author’s site] …It just happens that the version of White Christmas being used to back up the animation …

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U2, The Eagles and Jimmy Buffett

The top Tour acts of 05 have just been reported. I’m not sure how this should be interpreted. I’ve always been a fan of U2, but I thought they were going to retire a few years back. I guess the lucrative concert tours have made them change their minds. So too with the Eagles, which …

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Killing in cold blood

Reading Knappster today (“Surf Naked for Jesus” why did you change that?) Ran across his entry on the 1000th death penalty victim. I don’t shed tears for murderers, whether they work for themselves or the state, but I do have one point I’d like to make. The quote is: “For some reason, apart from my …

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East of “the Great Wall”

I always bristle when the average Austinite speaks up and disparages the East side of Austin. There’s this general impression of the East side (East of I-35, the “Great Wall”) as being a trouble spot, where criminals run rampant and the residents cower in terror. I’ve lived in East Austin for about 15 years now, …

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30,000 silver dollars for a house?

The image to the right is intended to be placed on a t-shirt.It contains a simple statement about value and how to retain it.Pretty innocuous, don’t you think? Looks can be deceiving…. One of the members to the list this image was a part of wrote: The statement is false. $30,000.00 in silver 1 .oz …

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Supreme Court to Review Texas Redistricting

Statesman news story ScoT contact info Computer redistricting. Anything else is Gerrymandering. Strangely enough, this is old news. What I want to know is, why didn’t the state act on the following two years ago? —– FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE JON ROLAND 512-374-9585 TESTIMONY FOR NON-PARTISAN REDISTRICTING Austin, Texas, July 2, 2003 — The Texas House …

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“Vertiginous Air”

While struggling with a vertigo attack today, I was reminded of a quote from one of my favorite authors Stephen R. Donaldson, a portion of which titles this compilation of previous postings on the topic. When I visited his site today looking for the release date for the next book, I discovered that I’m going …

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