Time Wasters

Disease, death and various other inconvenient things, like house work and child rearing, get in the way of regular blogging and the pursuit of meaningless trivia. My apologies for the long gap in entries (I’ll probably fill it in with stuff I was musing on during my automobile confinement last week, so it may not …

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Dr. Pepper addiction

The wife has a Dr. Pepper addiction, and she’s going through withdrawals. It’s a terrible thing to witness. She used to drink the same old ordinary Dr. Pepper that everyone else drinks, but recently we took a trip to visit relatives and stopped off in Dublin (Texas, not Ireland. But they try hard to ‘put …

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Immigration Libertarian Philosophy Politics

Immigration Take 3

I was reading Thomas Sowell’s column ‘Immigration Evasion‘ and thought to myself “here I go again” someone else that I just have to say “hold it” to, and ask a few questions. Questions like “Granted, Americans might do the jobs immigrants do now, at higher wages; but, would anyone be interested in paying the higher …

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Libertarian Politics

Without Delay

Tom Delay has declared that he’s taking his ball and going home. Let me be the first to say “here’s your hat, what’s your hurry”. Yes I know, he’s been railroaded for doing something (gerrymandering congressional districts) that the Democrats have done for years. The truth is, they should never have been allowed to do …

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Humor Politics

Daylight StressingTime

Every time I have to change the clocks I just fume over the whole subject of Daylight Savings Time. I’ve tried just ignoring it in the past, making a point to show up for things an hour earlier than the time stated, etc., didn’t work out well enough. I’ve tried going to bed earlier in …

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