Time Wasters

Disease, death and various other inconvenient things, like house work and child rearing, get in the way of regular blogging and the pursuit of meaningless trivia.

My apologies for the long gap in entries (I’ll probably fill it in with stuff I was musing on during my automobile confinement last week, so it may not be apparent for much longer…) life just gets in the way sometimes.

Like this morning. Added “The Da Vinci Code Quest” to my Google home page, and very quickly discovered that I really didn’t waste enough time obsessing over the facts (or lack of facts) in the book; or even the trivia relating to it. I couldn’t answer the first question on the two different versions of the webquests that I ran across (here and here; answers here) much less remember the names of different symbols from the book just to complete the first days puzzle at Google. Thank goodness the trivia game includes the answers if you look hard enough.

I need to “Get less life” (the inverse of Shatner’s ‘get a life’ comment to Star Trek fans) I guess, so I can spend time on what’s really important; trivia games and heated arguments, relating to fictional novels that are transitory at best.

…I am looking forward to the movie, though.

Dr. Pepper addiction

The wife has a Dr. Pepper addiction, and she’s going through withdrawals. It’s a terrible thing to witness. She used to drink the same old ordinary Dr. Pepper that everyone else drinks, but recently we took a trip to visit relatives and stopped off in Dublin (Texas, not Ireland. But they try hard to ‘put on the green’ there) home of the oldest Dr. Pepper bottling plant in the world. Ever since then, the regular (corn syrup, not cane sugar) DP just aint good enough. She’s driving me crazy, and she’s drinking my sugar Coca-Cola.

So, I have a plan. Sam’s Club will stock the Dublin DP (like they stock the Sugar Coke, imported from Mexico) if they get enough requests for it. So, if everyone who reads this clicks the ‘requests’ link and makes one, surely that would be enough, right…?

‘Illegal’ Immigrant. You’re looking at one.

If you are looking at my picture that is.

That’s right, me. I’ve been living in the US for 41 years, and I’ve been working in the US for more than 25 years; and according to the US government, I’m not a citizen. I was born in England on a military base (HEY to all you military brats out there!) and did not receive the correct identification papers at birth. My mother, being a proper American, didn’t put much stock in keeping my ID papers in order, so I don’t have the correct ones.

Consequently, under the current (“where’s your papers” type fascism) gov’t rules, I can’t call myself an American citizen without risking permanent deportation. Can’t get a passport, or do any number of other ‘federal’ type things.

So, I’m thinking of demanding my one-way plane ticket to Heathrow. Seems like a good excuse to take an extended holiday, with no plans for return…

Immigration Take 3

I was reading Thomas Sowell’s column ‘Immigration Evasion‘ and thought to myself “here I go again” someone else that I just have to say “hold it” to, and ask a few questions.

Questions like “Granted, Americans might do the jobs immigrants do now, at higher wages; but, would anyone be interested in paying the higher prices necessary to cover those higher wages?” When it comes to house construction and the months of time involved, we aren’t talking about small numbers.

Also, we may not need the immigrants to get the work done, but considering the number of fast food and convenience stores that I’ve seen with permanent jobs available signs out front, I don’t think the workplace is glutted with them, either. Nor do I relish the (once again) steep rise in prices that will result in a wage war over the dwindling pool of applicants.

I don’t know when he last looked for a job, either. The last time I went to apply for work, I most definitely had to show ‘papers’ to prove that I could work in the US. So the phrase ‘undocumented workers’ is an accurate description of them. The Amerca that Mr. Sowell refers to was one that I remember fondly, but it doesn’t exist anymore and barring the ‘illegal’ immigrants isn’t going to bring it back.

Without Delay

Tom Delay has declared that he’s taking his ball and going home. Let me be the first to say “here’s your hat, what’s your hurry”. Yes I know, he’s been railroaded for doing something (gerrymandering congressional districts) that the Democrats have done for years. The truth is, they should never have been allowed to do it either.

There is a method for drawing districts that is available to us now, that would result in non-political, geographically logical districts, if we only devoted the attention to the subject that it deserved (“If you are looking for someone to blame, look no further than in the mirror”V) and made our ‘servants’ in the government understand that this was a non-negotiable issue. Don’t let me distract you from the start of baseball season, though.

Smart move on Tom Delay’s part, for that very reason. With his removing himself as a lightning rod, a good portion of the well-deserved attention the subject could have gotten will go to other things; subjects less likely to effect issues of gov’t control over the population.

Daylight Stressing Time

Every time I have to change the clocks I just fume over the whole subject of Daylight Savings Time. I’ve tried just ignoring it in the past, making a point to show up for things an hour earlier than the time stated, etc., didn’t work out well enough. I’ve tried going to bed earlier in advance of the change, setting the clocks ahead early, you name it. No matter what I try to get past this gov’t mandated time change, it always turns into a nightmare of insomnia and late wake-ups.

I just can’t wrap my head around how this ‘saves’ anything, and why this is a benefit. To anybody. Well, I take that last part back. I can clearly see how this is a benefit to statist types everywhere. I can’t think of a better way to demonstrate the power and authority of gov’t, that even the sun can be commanded by congress. Now that is a showcase of control on a grand scale.

Don’t laugh. I’ve had this argument several times. Inevitably the person who thinks DST is a good idea will exclaim “Do you really want the sun to come up at 5:30 in the morning?” I’ve got news for you people, it still does come up at 5:30 in the morning, we just call it 6:30.

How about we compromise, halve the difference and call it 6:00; give up this whole notion that we can somehow save daylight by passing laws and changing clocks. My biorhythms (or circadian rhythm) will thank you for it.

What glorious power is given to congress. They can dictate what time the sun comes up, and the sun will listen. Maybe they should tackle that Pi thing, try dictating that it will be 3.2 or something…