Humor Philosophy

“Mermee, Mermee, Mermee”

These are the words that immortalize the Harlequin at the ending of “Repent, Harlequin!” Said the Ticktockman, by Harlan Ellison. If you want to know how that is, that these words mean so much, you’ll just have to read the book. I’ve used this as a siggy for quite some time on some of the …

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Philosophy Politics

The Drug Lords say ‘Thanks’

Quoting a story published today: The number of meth-lab busts plummeted more than 30 percent last year as most states put in place laws to restrict the sale of over-the-counter cold medicines used to make meth, according to the Drug Enforcement Administration’s El Paso Intelligence Center. Yep, denying the average allergy sufferer easy access to …

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Calling in the Military

The story out of N’Orleans today: Governor Kathleen Blanco has activated National Guard personnel to patrol the city. Over the weekend several teens were killed in a drive-by shooting. If you check the stats in the story, there are more cops per resident in the city than there was pre-Katrina. I’m not sure why they …

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Family Humor Philosophy

Does Fatherhood Make You Happy?

‘Time’ has once again proven why I don’t bother with their publication. Here’s a quote from the article in question: Studies reveal that most married couples start out happy and then become progressively less satisfied over the course of their lives, becoming especially disconsolate when their children are in diapers and in adolescence, and returning …

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What’s wrong with this picture?

This story has been making the rounds lately. Austin ISD wants to fire an Austin High School teacher over nude photos posted on the Internet.  The AISD school board Monday unanimously decided to begin the termination process for Tamara Hoover, who teaches art. The board said Hoover violated the terms of her employment contract.  Hoover …

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Humor Philosophy

Expressions of Friendship

Every week brings another e-mail to the inbox, generally with a syrupy message about keeping in touch with family and friends and not winding up regretting things when you’re an old fart. Look, I love all of you, OK? There is no need to send me a message seeking my affections and approval. Really, if …

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Humor Philosophy Podcast

McDonald’s gender issues

When we are pressed for time during a car trip, we have been known to pull into the local burger place to get the children something to eat. Truth be told, we do this far too often. The son always wants a kid’s meal, while the daughter has outgrown all that ‘baby stuff’ and gets …

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Open Source: Without Profit?

One of the arguments I’ve had with critics of Open Source software, is that they (the open source programmers) want people to use a product for which there is no profit, i.e. they are given away for free. That’s funny. I’ve profited many times over from a lack of lost down time due to using …

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Libertarian Philosophy Politics

Equality: The Unknown Ideal

I was chastised recently that I should “respect my betters”. There was a time when this sort of insult would have required a dawn meeting with pistols in the name of honor; but since shooting the random boor in the face from 20 paces isn’t in fashion any longer, I was forced to rely upon …

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Architecture Philosophy

Minding the Details

Back when I worked in a big architectural office, I was generally relied upon to generate details for whatever section of the project was my responsibility. Inevitably, when I would bring some suggested details to the Project Manager’s attention for discussion, someone would repeat the old axiom “The Devil is in the Details”. In the …

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