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My Two Cents Worth

Wrote a check the other day for a periodical subscription; and while I was writing it, it suddenly occurred to me “Why 19.97?” I can sort of understand the old marketing approach of $19.99 is seen as $19 and not $20; but why $19.97? They had to consciously set that price. Do those two cents …

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Moderator no More

I’ve been pondering what to say on the subject of my hasty exit from moderating Liberty Dollar Online. Not that it’s a stunningly popular site, or that many people will notice. It’s just that events like this can be very instructional if one simply takes the time to ask “what happened here?” in the proper …

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The Best Enemy Money Can Buy

Listening to ol’ Joey today, and I heard the Great Fat One bragging about how he predicted that we were going to ‘deal with’ Iran two years ago, and how this was now about to happen. The day Bush named Iraq as the next target in the ‘War on Terror’, it was clear to me …

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Humor Philosophy

Isn’t it Obvious?

Every time I hear that phrase, I think “yes, it is”. All over the internet (if you Google it) are sites and messages from well meaning, angry people attempting to point out a fact or a situation that is “hidden in plain view”. Can’t you see it? Can’t you see it? Why can’t you see …

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Corporate correspondence

In the continuing saga of “The Quest for Sobe Black Tea“: A Message from Consumer Relations 011015940AHello Anthony,Thank you for taking the time to email us here at SoBe Beverages. It’s always a pleasure to hear from lizard lovers like yourself.Unfortunately, the product that you are asking about is no longer carried by the local …

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Family Philosophy

Car Trips; Travel

Heading out in about 5 hours to deliver the children to their grandparents for a few weeks of vacation (theirs or ours, it’s hard to guess) and I suddenly realize just how much I’ve come to hate sitting in a car. I used to hunger for the freedom that a car represented; and when I …

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