Family Humor

The End of a Long Day

…and after they finished a three hour argument about who was playing what computer game when, I read them to sleep with Princess Bride, then I enjoyed some Daily Show before finally allowing myself some sleep. Facebook status (2) backdated to the blog. Those Were the Days

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FFrF Radio: Mike Christensen; Archive: Emily Lyons & Scopes II: Alvin Harris

Podcast Link.July 26, 2008 – Mike Christensen, Seattle “Imagine No Religion” Billboard Booster Gershwin’s Summertime introduces the show, followed by a clip from Letting Go of God. Theocracy Alert. Lieberman courting the religious right, Grassly bounced by them. Mike Christensen sponsored an “Imagine No Religion” billboard in Seattle. He changed his definition of agnostic, and …

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So, Joe, what was B5 going to be, originally?

…and the word is finally out. From TrekBBS and thanks to chrisspringob for condensing the arc. I’ve read the outline in the Scripts book 15. couldn’t afford a copy myself. This is pretty close to what is there. ***This thread includes huge spoilers for the entire 5 year arc of Babylon 5, including the details …

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The Revolution Evolves: Happy (Belated) Cost of Government Day

Knew I was wrong. Ron Paul’s revolution has morphed into the Campaign for Liberty. The 16th was the Cost of Government Day. Congratulations, dear reader. Cost of Government Day was last Wednesday, July 16th. This means that after slaving away for over half the year to pay state, local and federal taxes, you’re finally working …

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SBOE Approves Bible Course Guidelines

Gotta love this. The Leg, not satisfied with simply raping the Texas State pledge and making her say god during newly mandatory daily pledge recitations (god twice, if you count the mandatory federal pledge recitations. Could be even three times if you choose to pray during your mandatory moment of silence. I don’t like pledging, …

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Immigration Politics

Let Them In: The Case for Open Borders

I don’t think I could have said it better myself. We are all immigrants here, as I’ve pointed out elsewhere. The wife and I get into the occasional heated discussion concerning immigration. She rightly points out the depressed nature of commerce in border areas, as well as the impact of an oversupply of labor throughout …

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Barr on Fannie/Freddie Bailout

The more this guy talks, the more I like him. The wife has gone into several uncharacteristic rants lately, concerning the unfairness of taxing us for other peoples inability to actually read their mortgage documents (she drove the mortgage brokers crazy and read every page before signing off on all our mortgages. I can’t even …

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