Suspect Sniffles

Pseudoephedrine interdiction, the other shoe drops. Google alerts dropped this in my inbox; Other View: Law doesn’t stop meth At least one government effort to curb methamphetamine production seems to have been a bust. The Combat Methamphetamine Epidemic Act of 2005 … makes it more difficult to purchase common, non-prescription cold medication containing pseudoephedrine. Pseudoephedrine …

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Hooray for ISP & cable provider choice!

I’ve never been happier than I am right now, to not be a Time Warner subscriber. To: GrandecomSubject: Thank you! Just got word that Time Warner is about to stick it to the local customer base (http://www.businessinsider.com/time-warner-cable-putting-more-bandwidth-hogs-on-a-diet-2009-4) I’d like to take this time to thank Grande for NOT doing this to it’s subscribers, and to …

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