The Matrix; an Exploration of Meaning.

A friend of mine sent me a link to this. I hate to admit how long it sat languishing in my inbox. Perhaps the most thought provoking interpretation of modern society and what the systems really mean to the average person, that I’ve ever seen. It says ‘part 3’ in the title; however, it stands …

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The Abramanation, Dissected

Got this in the mail last summer, when the Abramanation was heading to theaters; From: forums@trekbbs.comDate: Sat, May 9, 2009 at 4:44 AMSubject: Seen the new Trek movie yet?To: As soon as you’ve seen the new movie, be sure to drop by the Trek BBS and discuss what you thought. Loved the Enterprise? Hated …

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A Lot to Drink About

Picked up Buffett Hotel at Sam’s a few weeks back (cheaper than any new album I’ve ever bought, BTW) and I’m still listening to it. I’m especially fond of the following tracks; Nobody From Nowhere Big Top Beautiful Swimmers Turn Up The Heat and Chill The Rose Rhumba Man We Learned To Be Cool From …

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HealthCare Politics

President Sarah Palin

Hard Ball sums it up quite nicely. I’d be afraid of her (as President Sarah Palin) because I think she’s an empty vessel, ready to be filled by ideology she doesn’t even understand. And that is really scary. We saw that with Dan Quail, we saw it with W. Nothing is more frightening than an …

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