Mitt Romney: Richer Means Superior

 Stealing Cenk’s Title, because I’m just going to embroider his conclusion with some pointed thought;

Romney’s deeply offensive comments about the Palestinians probably won’t hurt him in the election at all. There is no group in America you can insult with more impunity than Palestinians and Arabs. That doesn’t hurt your electoral chances, it might even help. But what does hurt is the overwhelming sense you get from Romney that he is looking down his nose at you. This son of a bitch actually thinks he’s better than the rest of us because he was born to a mega-rich dad, figured out how to cheat the system at Bain and hid away so much of his money abroad (tax avoidance was an enormous contributor to his fortune – do you have any idea how much more you save up if you pay 10% in taxes a year rather than 35%). Now, that doesn’t sit so well.

Who wants to have a beer with a guy who thinks he’d rather be having a Chardonnay with one of his equals? To Mitt, we’re all Palestinians.

This obvious attitude (and it’s acceptance by his supporters) stems from reading Atlas Shrugged and thinking that you (Mitt Romney) are one of the members of Galt’s Gulch when in fact you are a lowly James Taggert. He would have to be, since government largesse is the biggest reason he has money.

More on the hopeless outlook for Republicans

More on just how hopeless the outlook is for Republicans this election year can be found at Freethought blogs.

I would have thought that it was a relief, a minor bit of unconcern, that Mitt Romney nominally supports evolution (he’s one of those waffly theistic evolutionists, so he doesn’t really…but at least he wouldn’t be brazenly contradicting all of the evidence). But there’s a potential problem looming: who will he pick for vice president? Who does he turn to advice on education? Ken Miller discusses the situation, and points out that his key advisor on education reform and potential VP pick is…

Bobby Jindal, creationist governor of Louisiana.

Mitt is still trying to convince conservatives that he’s a real Conservative.  But what he should be worried about (if he wants to win the election) is proving to the rest of us that he’s really not completely loony like the base of his party.

There’s always the hope that the LP has their game face on. For once.

Clueless Texas GOP; Not just a Governor Issue

Here I was thinking that what Texas needed was a new governor, having had to apologize for his behavior over the last few years.  After reading about the new Texas GOP platform, I’m actually embarrassed that my voter ID says “Republican” on it.  Gong have to get a new card I guess, because what Texas needs is a new majority party.

In the news, Texas GOP Cuts Nose Off to Spite Face, Then Stupidly Looks Up in a Rainstorm and Drowns.

Texas GOP Platform: Don’t Teach Kids Critical Thinking Skills!

Remember when Texas State Board of Education member David Bradley criticized teachers and scholars who were crafting new language arts and reading curriculum standards for Texas schools back in 2008? Having students actually think about what they were reading didn’t seem like a good idea to Bradley:

“I’m sorry. This critical thinking stuff is gobbledygook.”

Well, Bradley’s fellow Republicans appear to agree. The 2012 Texas GOP platform adopted this month in Fort Worth includes the following gem:

Knowledge-Based Education – We oppose the teaching of Higher Order Thinking Skills (HOTS) (values clarification), critical thinking skills and similar programs that are simply a relabeling of Outcome-Based Education (OBE) (mastery learning) which focus on behavior modification and have the purpose of challenging the student’s fixed beliefs and undermining parental authority.

So the Texas GOP worries that teaching kids to think is a threat to parental authority. Who knew?

I’d like to explain what this stand by the Texas GOP means, but I’m afraid I’d look like an amateur next to the unequaled Stephen Colbert and his The Word segment;

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Apparently I’m just not narrow minded enough to fit in with the GOP anyway.

Central Mistake of Obama Administration

I’ve touched on this subject before. Sometimes the truth is worth repeating. From Cenk Uygur, that bastion of liberalism, we have this;

The Mandate Is the Perfect Symbol of the Central Mistake of Obama Administration

The individual mandate in the health care law was originally proposed by the Heritage Foundation, the most conservative think tank in the country. It was supported by almost every Republican in the country, including the first President Bush, Mitt Romney and conservative stalwarts like Orrin Hatch. Simply put, it was a conservative idea. There is no question about that; it is a fact.

Let me immediately digress to point out how terrible our media is since about 2% of the country knows that fact. If you asked the average American now, I’m sure they would say it was a liberal idea originally proposed by Barack Obama. Another fact — Barack Obama was originally opposed to the mandate during his campaign for president.

So, this brings us to the central problem with President Obama’s administration. They were under the unbelievably mistaken impression that if they worked with the Republicans, compromised with them and gave them what they wanted, that the Republicans would react likewise. Progressives (and anyone that was paying attention to politics in the last decade) warned them that would not be the case. We were dismissed. Now look at what’s happened.

Yes, this is two week old news, and we now know that the SCOTUS has ruled to let the mandate stand; and we also know through yet another attempt at repealing Obamacare that the Republicans have no shame, no shame at all, in their grandstanding attempts to prove that the mandate is not their idea. But it is their idea, and we are fools if we fall for their lies again.

JFK Conspiracy Solved; Oswald Shot Him.

I found that these videos, when put together, definitively link Oswald to the killing of Kennedy.  First off is The Kennedy Assassination – Beyond Conspiracy.

Beyond Conspiracy – Kennedy assassination

The second source of video was a very detailed recreation of the exact poses of the victims taken from Zapruder film footage, that were mocked up by Anatomical Surrogates Technologies for the  documentary JFK: Beyond The Magic Bullet .  (full video available in three parts here) While the shot does appear to strike too low, the trajectory is almost identical to the bullet on that fateful day.

JFK: Beyond The Magic Bullet (Part 1)
JFK: Beyond The Magic Bullet (Part 2)
JFK Assassination – Head shot recreation (Part 1)
JFK Assassination – Head shot recreation (Part 2)

…conspiracy theorists will of course come up with reasons why this proves nothing. Personally I see no reason to continue pretending that Oswald did not kill Kennedy.  If you feel the forensic tests are simply not enough evidence, then I encourage you to pick up a copy of Case Closed.  If Posner can’t convince you, then no one will.

LFR – Some Things Were Improvements

This is months late, I’m sure. Still, it bears mentioning that I am thankful that Blizzard took the time to create a version of endgame content that could be played by the casual gamer. For the first time since we started playing World of Warcraft three years ago, the rest of the family (who definitely meet the definition of casual players) have been able to experience raid format play, and have been able to take down the main bosses for an expansion while the expansion is still current.

Seriously, this is a heartfelt “thank you” on that score.  Please, keep that up.

I find myself amazed that I am still playing, after more than a year since my last post where I promised I was going to quit when my script ran out that May. I’m pretty sure it was the annual pass and the bribe of a free copy of Diablo III (which I have been playing more than WoW of late. We own multiple copies of Diablo I and II, that one was a no-brainer) that keeps me on the script list.  It’s not the endgame play which, other than the LFR, has pretty much evolved into what Wrath was right before Cataclysm came out; die hards continuing to play content that they’ve memorized by now, casual players drifting in and out, mat farmers complaining about node ninjas and auction house junkies complaining about not being able to get what they want for stuff that no one wants to buy.

I have to say that the professions are about as useful, more or less, at this point as they were then too.  After the initial bumps of getting the XP going, the programmers have managed to roll out gear that can be created with a reasonable amount of mats, and can be used to gain access to heroics and the LFR. Can’t ask for more than that at this point.

Now for that post about the Panda Expansion in Beta