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Hillary for President?

I tuned in (very briefly) to watch Hillary Clinton testify before the latest of 8 separate investigations into #Benghazi, the most investigated event in US history and one of the most notable wastes of taxpayer dollars since whatever military weapons system was last funded by Republicans. h/t to DailyKos I say briefly because I had …

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501c4 Means “No Politics”

I ran across a DailyKOS article in my Facebook feed today. I went looking and discovered they’re doing what I did ten years ago on this blog. They wrote one paragraph, pasted someone else’s content in as the body of the article, then wrote another paragraph and pretended it was their article. The original reporting is from …

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Family Philosophy

Watching the Wheels Go Round & Round

“No longer riding on the Merry-go-round, I just had to let it go.“ This is probably as close as I will ever get to a themesong.  It describes perfectly (even though I don’t hear it very well any longer) the recurring theme of my life. Always and for as long as I continue to draw …

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Ben Carson Joins the Lunatic Fringe

I’m sure the title of this piece isn’t news to most people.  Apparently the world is ending soon.  Again. At least according to Dr. Ben Carson; Carson: We could be nearing the end of days — The Hill (@thehill) October 12, 2015 So Republican demagoguery continues unabated and the only real fun to …

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Good Guy With a Gun

Jim Wright asked this question on his Facebook page recently; Responsible Gun Owner Exercise: You’re in a public place. Lots of people. Guy in camo walks in with a pistol on his belt and an assault rifle in his hands.Quick, is he a good guy with a gun or a murderous nut?Well, which is it?Come, come, …

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