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Rites of Spring

A few years back on Facebook, I posted the image at right to The Wife’s wall.  Silly me, I was thinking I could entice the woman I love into engaging in some Rites of Spring when I posted it. I posted it on Easter because Easter is the celebration that corresponds most closely with the Vernal Equinox, …

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Overpriced Toll Roads Going Bankrupt? “The bankruptcy filing by Cintra should have no effect on travelers who use SH 130, the taxpayers or the State of Texas. Cintra assumed the risk to finance, build and operate the section of SH 130 south of US 183 to I-10,” wrote Texas Senator Kirk Watson, D-Austin, in a statement to KXAN News. …

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OHM Politics

Hillary for President

Hillary Clinton I know I really do like Hillary Clinton. The proof is in the conversations I have with Trump supporters and people who feel the Bern. I know I like her because I’m not expecting her to be anything other than President of the United States. Sanders and Trump supporters act like they are …

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