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Bernie or Hillary? What About Trump?

The screencap is from the comments of the previous post. Barb Padgett asked, “what happens if Bernie loses the nomination and asks you to vote for Hillary Clinton?” The answer was … instructive.So, I’ll ask the same question1. Proposition A. If Clinton wins the Democratic nomination, and Bernie Sanders then endorses her and asks his …

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Why Are You So Angry?

This is the most common question I’ve been asked for as long as I can remember.  From high school through to the last argument I had “Why are you so angry?” pops up again and again.  Everyone I talk to on almost any given subject is convinced that there is some one thing in my …

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Libertarian Politics

US Politics Fix; Starting the Process

From Robert Reich’s Facebook Feed This will probably turn into a page of its own at some point, a book-length outline of the problems and processes that have to be reformed, and the obstacles in the way of average Americans retaking control of their government from the political bosses, corporate sponsors, and wealthy contributors who …

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