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Stormtrumpers Are Anti-Trek

David Gerrold Stormtrumpers can’t like Star Trek. It would be a causality violation if any of them are caught in the act of enjoying Star Trek. If you do like and watch Star Trek, you can’t vote for the Orange Hate-Monkey. This is simply not allowed per the rules of the time-space continuum. We will …

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My First Electric Car

We recently bought a used Nissan Leaf. I am still waiting to see what charging it will cost, but I have a hard time believing it will be more expensive to run than the overly complex machinery built into the average internal combustion engine. Hopefully this story is correct. I had no idea that I …

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Charity vs. Public Assistance

Libertarians have a hard-on for charity. Something they share with conservatives and Republicans, even though they swear they are different. Charity is totally ineffective at getting people what they need when they need it. This has been demonstrated. Government assistance doesn’t get people what they need when they need it. This has also been demonstrated. …

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Podcast Politics

Unwatchable Debates

Confession time.  I have watched none of the debates so far in this election season.  I didn’t watch any of the Republican debates because the only centrist running (that would be John Kasich) wasn’t in them.  The Republicans, as I referenced in this piece about Hillary Clinton (?), have decided they don’t need the 75% …

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This is not the Warcraft it Used to be.

A week into the Legion expansion and I can tell I’m on the outs with Blizzard already.  The backing image on my Battle.net launcher has been changed to the Burning Crusade packaging image from the image that adorned the packaging of the Warlords of Draenor. You may well ask “Why Burning Crusade?” at this point. …

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The WSJ Becomes the National Enquirer

Reddit These kinds of reliability issues are why Rupert Murdoch should be divested of all interest in any media corporation. He is a propagandist and not interested in the truth. This article at Snopes documents that the covers are both real. The Wall Street Journal claims that they represent two different editions from the same day. It …

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