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What is Technology Doing to Us?

Waking Up With Sam Harris #71 – What is Technology Doing to Us? (with Tristan Harris)At 1:05:30 in the episode Tristan Harris concludes with what am I being steered to do? Through much of this episode I was marvelling at the gloom and doom being harped about endlessly. So we wake up to doughnuts by …

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Trumpcare Dissected

I find it remarkable that Trump supporters like Steven Moore believe it’s possible to insure the sick and the poor without requiring any sacrifices from the healthy and wealthy. This is conservative rubbish. – Robert Reich on Facebook RAWSTORY, WATCH: Robert Reich rips into conservative over his ‘specious’ math on Trumpcare Conservatives and libertarians console themselves …

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Dead Again Movie Review

Dead Again, 1991 I really wanted to like this film. I don’t hate it, but it really isn’t that good. It was so forgettable I forgot it and mistakenly rented it a second time thinking I hadn’t seen it. Not even Robin Williams’ (the reason I queued it up a second time) brief appearance is …

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New Republic Trump’s major impeachable offenses so far: He has violated the “emoluments clause” (Article I Section 9 of the Constitution) by profiting off foreign governments. He has obstructed justice by firing his FBI director because of (in his words) “the Russian thing” after asking him to stop investigating Mike Flynn. He possibly committed treason …

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An Increasingly Isolated Orange Hate-Monkey

New York Times Today’s Sunday talk shows reveal Republicans are distancing themselves from Trump:Sen. Marco Rubio: “If any president tries to impede an investigation — any president, no matter who it is — by interfering with the F.B.I., yes, that would be problematic. It would be not just problematic. It would be, obviously, a potential …

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The Trump Regime

The Trump Regime, Posted by Jonathan Pie on Facebook. Here is the Youtube link. “He’s a fucking, out of his depth estate agent”  Finally, someone who understands what I’m talking about. Caveat Emptor. Trump is a genocidal maniac in the making. That is the difference between Trump and his stormtrumpers versus Hitler and the Nazis. …

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Voter Fraud? No, Voter Suppression. Part One

CNN.com So how does Trump deflect attention from his firing of Comey and what appears to be increasing evidence of collusion with Russian operatives to win the 2016 election? He repeats his unsubstantiated claim that “3 to 5 million” people voted illegally for Hillary Clinton, and today sets up a commission to investigate.Trump’s “voter fraud” …

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A Toast to My Alcoholic Father

“You would never know if I relapsed,” he said to me. “I was very good at being an addict.”  No, honey, you weren’t. None of us are. We think we are cleverly hiding it. We think we have it under control. We think we are getting benefit from it. We think we are the exception …

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Is the OHM Stupid or Just Crazy?

On Saturday, he gave an angry, rambling speech to his supporters in which he obsessed over perceived enemies in the media and elsewhere. In recent days he has given a half-dozen incoherent interviews. Recently he insisted he won’t “stand by anything” in his accusations about alleged wiretapping by President Barack Obama, yet argued that his …

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Death Panels?

Modern Eugenics? And those states are going to let you die. Yes, they are. They are going to do it for profit. They’re going to do it because they think you are a luxury. They going to do it because they can’t stand the thought of having to pay for some baby with a heart …

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