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Snowcraft Every December since I can’t remember when I’ve stumbled across this silly game. This, if anything can, will lighten the clouds hanging over your day. Even when you lose. The giggling of the children as they knock your players out is infectious. You want to laugh along with them and play again. Enjoy your …

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Economics OHM

Money in the Internet Age

I keep getting links to The Wall Street Journal articles. This is a regular occurrence on Nuzzel, one of the news aggregators I rely on for my daily news. These links are useless to me; I never pass them on and I never read them. Why? Because  The Wall Street Journal has erected an impenetrable paywall around …

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Economics OHM Podcast Politics

Economic OHM Bullshit

Yesterday on Stonekettle Station,  Trump’s pet spokes bull, Kellyanne Conway says, “Record stock market highs AGAIN. The new normal under @POTUS and @GOP Congress.” This comment is one of the most disingenuous in an administration literally based on disingenuity. The stock market history trends upward ALWAYS — with certain notable momentary dips, which we’ll come …

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Libertarian OHM Politics

The Information Tollway, With Demand-Based Pricing

I could have sworn we nearly had a revolution not even two years ago because the information delivery services we’ve tied ourselves to thought they could meter our internet consumption habits. Has everyone forgot how Comcast throttled Netflix until they coughed up millions of dollars? Are American memories so short that they can’t even remember what happened …

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