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Grand Conspiratorial Fantasies

Never attribute to malice that which is adequately explained by stupidity. Hanlon’s Razor The image at right was culled from a friend’s Facebook wall a few years back. The image serves as an introduction, the proverbial rabbit-hole, a building 7 to 9/11 truthers, a lead-in to draw you deeper into this post dedicated to critical thinking. Humor …

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OHM Politics

Email and Crime

No, I don’t follow the OHM. This little gem showed up as a notification on my phone today, Sessions Speeds Up Clinton Email Case. Just in case anyone is mystified by how this is still a thing we talk about, I will direct you to the Orange Hate-Monkey‘s (OHM) need to beat the dead horse of …

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A Nation of Natives, Immigrants and the Children of Former Slaves

The title is paraphrased from something Christian Picciolini said in his interview on Waking Up with Sam Harris, Waking Up with Sam Harris #121 – White Power (with Christian Picciolini) Here is Christian’s TED talk, TEDx, Christian Picciolini, My descent into America’s neo-Nazi movement — and how I got out A fascinating glimpse into the minds …

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OHM Podcast

Jack Welch Freakonomics Feedback

Dear Freakonomics, The minute that it became clear that Jack Welch not only supports Trump, but thinks he’s doing a great job, that was the minute I deleted this podcast from my queue. I have no need to dilute my thinking with the thoughts of someone so blind as to think that the Orange Hate-Monkey …

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