Gmail Hovercard Doesn’t Sort by Address Anymore

Why Google? Why? Feel free to spam those addresses all you like. The hovercard doesn’t sort by address anymore? Why? That function is perhaps the single, most used function in Gmail. Thousands of people are now screaming at their laptops in frustration. All of those thousands of put-off tasks now immediately requiring attention because you …

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Forcing Allegiance Is Fascism

Stonekettle Station on Facebook Lauren McGaughey is reporting on this story for the Dallas Morning News. She says the case stems from a suit filed by parents of a student who was kicked out of school for not standing to recite the pledge. The student and her parents say the school violated her First Amendment …

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Equilibrium on the Equinox

David Gerrold on Facebook What happens on September 22nd? I think to myself as I start looking through today’s history on Facebook. It’s bugging me. This day is important. There is an event that occurs today, what is it? Obviously, it is the equinox. It took a bit of googling to turn the lights on, …

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OHM Politics

McConnell’s Hypocrisy

A woman has accused a Supreme Court nominee of drunkenly pinning her to a bed, groping her and covering her mouth when she screamed. She has provided therapist notes from well before the nominee was a public figure. She has taken a polygraph test. She is willing to undergo an FBI investigation and testify under …

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Wrong Again. Why am I Not Surprised?

Robert Reich & Facebook On this day in 2015, Robert Reich started his status about the Orange Hate-Monkey (OHM) with this gloomy paragraph, Donald Trump is leading all other Republican candidates — not just in polls but also, according to Google Trends, in Google searches. This could push Trump even higher in Google’s search rankings, …

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Economics Podcast

The Fallout from 2008?

September 19th’s Indicator from Planet Money turned out not to be too surprising to me. THE INDICATOR The Psychological Effects Of The Financial Crisis, Lingering September 19, 2018 It is not only in the housing market and mortgage market where we observe these effects. Take the stock market. Financial crisis clearly affected returns to your …

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Guns OHM

Ignoring Emoluments? #ImpeachTrump

I mean, what exactly does somebody like Trump pray for?I want to hear him lead a prayer for the people he called our enemies.I want to know how that goes. If he’s going to offer up “thoughts and prayers,” well let’s have the details then. C’mon. – Stonekettle Station on Facebook We’ve heard the phrase constitutional …

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Amazon is IOI

RBR on Facebook & Seattle Times As mega-corporations grow increasingly powerful, they are exerting more control over their employees. Consider a new patent secured by Amazon for a cage-like contraption to enclose warehouse workers during their shifts. These metal cages mounted atop robotic trolleys are designed to shuttle workers around fulfillment centers, blurring the line between …

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