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Oliver Stone’s Nixon

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I watched Oliver Stone’s Nixon last night. I like Anthony Hopkins and I’m a history buff, so this film should have been a cakewalk for me to watch. But then we are talking about Oliver Stone, one of the worst historical filmmakers in the business. His interpretation of the Zapruder film and the theme for the JFK movie have done more harm to people’s sense of real history than most of the other hucksters selling conspiracy fantasy snake oil on the subject could ever do. It is the nature of the entertainment beast that is filmmaking.

Consequently this film was no cakewalk to get through, but rather a slow crawl naked through broken glass. I never did figure out if Stone wanted us to feel sorry for the poor bastard, or hate him.

TVTAG comment backdated to the blog. TVTAG was an experiment in essentially MST3King everything on broadcast TV. Unfortunately for TVTAG, the DVR made the interaction necessary for MST3K treatments to work nearly impossible to achieve. No one watches anything when it airs anymore. We DVR it when we have the time or wait for Netflix to have it. TVTAG ceased to exist not long after I wrote the above, and turned itself into something called Getglue, which has subsequently also ceased to function. I can’t even find the archives on the Wayback Machine consigning TVTAG and all my comments there to oblivion. Probably for the best.