Treating Meniere’s & Its Symptoms

When I’m questioned about why I’m retired already; or when someone airs doubts about my invisible disability, are you really disabled? the subject of Meniere’s disease is bound to surface. It is bound to surface because Meniere’s disease is the answer to both questions. If you just stumbled across this article on my blog and …

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Family Games Meniere's

World of Warcraft; Brewfest!

I recently wrote a novella (so the wife says) about my 5 years playing World of Warcraft trying to complete a quest I set for myself.  However, there is (at least) one other thing I did forget to mention. Gameplay in the world is generally pretty predictable, except at certain times of the year when …

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HealthCare Meniere's Science

The Latest Snake-Oil

The story about the GyroStim and the sports writer promoting it struck a chord with me.  As a long time Meniere’s sufferer, I’ve seen a ton of these kind of devices promoted to me as a ‘cure’ for what ails me.  The people who do this kind of thing, the “Chiropractic-Neurologist” in this story, are …

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Disability Freeloader

I haven’t written about my disability for quite awhile now (although I started the blog with that subject) It’s been almost two years. I’d just as soon not discuss something that has negatively impacted pretty much every (waking or sleeping) moment of my life since it manifested itself. if I spent as much time discussing …

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Meniere's Philosophy Status

Slow and Steady

As usual. Another week has passed, and I still haven’t worked up a decent blog entry. Took a stab at one tonight, only to draw the conclusion that the thoughts I want to express are still half-baked. “they’re always half-baked!” I may not be the most prolific blogger on the planet, but I get there …

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Health Meniere's


Driving While Vertiginous. Which is something I try to avoid. I hate talking about the Menieres, but it bears mentioning once again (for record keeping purposes, at least) because today I realized that I’m unable to make left turns in heavy traffic. The necessity to move the head back and forth to check both directions …

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Family Health Meniere's

Damnable Meniere’s

Finally getting a chance at some paying work again, and the Meniere’s attacks are resurfacing. Yeah, it’s the stress, I know. Trying to take that in stride. Still, sitting and spinning at lunch and then all through the evening doesn’t lessen the stress levels, if you know what I mean.

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