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Lunch & Learn

BBC Business Daily, Being Watched at Work The take away from BBC Business Daily, Being Watched at Work is that studying work habits and office design yields a much better outcome for workers; so long as the watching is not obtrusive and that your employees do not feel that they are being treated as suspects in a …

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Economics HealthCare Podcast

Vilified but Charitable?

Freakonomics, The Most Vilified Industry in America Is Also the Most Charitable This episode of Freakonomics comes with a pre-made rebuttal that I was disturbed to discover that Dubner didn’t cop to at some point during the lengthy interview segments. That perfectly reasonable rebuttal takes this form; Since the pharmaceutical industry sets the value of …

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A Nation of Natives, Immigrants and the Children of Former Slaves

The title is paraphrased from something Christian Picciolini said in his interview on Waking Up with Sam Harris, Waking Up with Sam Harris #121 – White Power (with Christian Picciolini) Here is Christian’s TED talk, TEDx, Christian Picciolini, My descent into America’s neo-Nazi movement — and how I got out A fascinating glimpse into the minds …

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OHM Podcast

Jack Welch Freakonomics Feedback

Dear Freakonomics, The minute that it became clear that Jack Welch not only supports Trump, but thinks he’s doing a great job, that was the minute I deleted this podcast from my queue. I have no need to dilute my thinking with the thoughts of someone so blind as to think that the Orange Hate-Monkey …

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OHM Philosophy Podcast Politics

Self-Fulfilling Prophecies

It is the easiest thing in the world to belittle the weak, and the Texas Democratic party has been almost catatonic since J.J. Jake Pickle and Lyndon Baines Johnson’s Democratic force fell by the wayside. Texas Democrats had a brief resurgence in the 80’s and 90’s with Ann Richards as governor and with the Clinton’s …

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Economic OHM Bullshit

Yesterday on Stonekettle Station,  Trump’s pet spokes bull, Kellyanne Conway says, “Record stock market highs AGAIN. The new normal under @POTUS and @GOP Congress.” This comment is one of the most disingenuous in an administration literally based on disingenuity. The stock market history trends upward ALWAYS — with certain notable momentary dips, which we’ll come …

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