Armchair Quarterbacks

There has been a running joke in the family since ‘the Wife’ and I got together, that our televisions are broken, they won’t tune a channel that has a sporting event on it. Neither of us has any real interest in sports.

My father watched every football game that was broadcast, back when I was a kid. There was also only one TV set in the house (dating myself, I’m sure) so if I wanted to watch TV, I had to watch what dad was watching. And it was generally sports. I never had any interest in the game, but after several years of being ‘forced’ to watch football, I got a pretty good grasp of what was going on. I can carry on a conversation with those who have a sports affliction similar to my father’s, so most people don’t realize that I can’t stand watching sports on TV (in fact can’t stand most sports ‘at all’) and would rather be doing anything else.

As an aside, ‘the Wife’ used to get into role-playing games in college. One of them was a “fantasy football” type game, played with teams and their current stats. She always enjoyed picking the Seattle Seahawks as her team, because they had the best stats. She generally won the game because the major drawback for the Seahawks, the tendency to choke in a clinch, didn’t affect the gameplay.

For as long as we’ve made the joke concerning broken television sets, we’ve commented that “if the Seahawks ever got in the Superbowl, we’d have to watch it”.

I’m watching a football game this Sunday. I blame ‘the Wife’ for this.

One thought on “Armchair Quarterbacks”

  1. The Seahawks were robbed, BTW. I don’t think I’ve seen a worse case of officiating in the entire time I’ve watched TV football. Granted, it’s hard to remember.

    The talking heads have been complaining about officials not knowing which way was up all year long, now I know why. Having to watch the Steelers celebrate a win they didn’t earn reminded me of why I don’t watch football in the first place. Glad that’s behind me.

    It was nice to see Namath and the other MVP’s on the field again.

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