The 2006 True Stella Awards Winners

The 2006 True Stella Awards Issued 31 January 2007 (Click here toconfirm these are legitimate.) #5: Marcy Meckler. While shopping ata mall, Meckler stepped outside and was “attacked” by a squirrel thatlived among the trees and bushes. And “while frantically attemptingto escape from the squirrel and detach it from her leg, [Meckler]fell and suffered severe …

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Vista Hits Store Shelves. So What?

Stumbled across this article over at digg.com, discussing the departure of Windows chief Jim Allchin, and breathless praise concerning the latest version of Windows to hit store shelves, Vista. My response? Goodbye Jim Allchin. The rest of the article is a puff piece designed to spin the Vista delay in the correct direction, rather than …

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ST XI: Doomed from the Start?

Check out this blast from the past: Others caution that ”Trek” can’t revive itself by merely wooing young viewers. Says writer-producer Michael Piller, ”You could make a very good case that Gene Roddenberry’s fundamental decision back in the ’60s that he was not going to write [a show] for kids is why the franchise has …

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An Answer to the Fermi Paradox

From WWdn in Exile: the secret is to bang the rocks together, guys The question was originally posed by Enrico Fermi, and has become known as the Fermi Paradox: The extreme age of the universe and its vast number of stars suggest that extraterrestrial life should be common. Considering this with colleagues over lunch in …

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Hillary Declares her Intentions

Hillary Clinton has also decided to seek the presidency (I buried the story on Digg, myself) Like that’s a surprise. We’ve all been told she was going to run since the day her husband left the White House. Personally, I think she’s a shoe-in to win the Democrat nomination, even though she’s not a Democrat …

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Politics Space

Chinese Test Anti-Satellite Weapon

As reported in Aviation Week, the Chinese gov’t: performed a successful anti-satellite (asat) weapons test at more than 500 mi. altitude Jan. 11 destroying an aging Chinese weather satellite target with a kinetic kill vehicle launched on board a ballistic missile. Let’s hope no one remembers that Bill Clinton is responsible for approving the sale …

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Libertarian Podcast

Salute to Penn

Pennradio is off the air. I’m a little sad, I was just getting into it. However, I”ll try to take a passage from Penn himself and say: It doesn’t bother me, because Behind me is the PastAhead of me is ProbabilitySo today isNever Better Boss …and there is always the archives to tap into if …

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Humor Politics

George Bush is Leeroy Jenkins

“Alright chums, let’s do this! LEEEROY JENNNNNKINS!” Pretty much covers my thoughts on the subject of Bush and Iraq (credit to Kung Fu Monkey: Shorter Bush for the idea) “W” rushes in where even is hawklike father, HW, refused to go. Or, to quote Wil Wheaton: Iraq Study Group: Sir, you’ve totally screwed the pooch …

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Libertarian Politics

Ron Paul Throws His Hat Into the Ring

I doubt this will change the outcome of things. The US bus of happiness is already careening on the cliff’s edge. It’s going to take more than one good president to drag it back onto the straight and narrow. However, Ron Paul (the only member of congress for which I have any respect) has declared …

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Meniere's Philosophy Status

Slow and Steady

As usual. Another week has passed, and I still haven’t worked up a decent blog entry. Took a stab at one tonight, only to draw the conclusion that the thoughts I want to express are still half-baked. “they’re always half-baked!” I may not be the most prolific blogger on the planet, but I get there …

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