1408 – The Exception to the Rule

Most of the horror films that I haven’t seen are marked “not interested” on Flixster; that’s because I have a tendency, when scared, to scream and run in place. Ask me if I want to endure this in advance, and you’ll get a not interested from me, pretty much every time. This film was a …

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When Does Life Begin?

Reposted here from the FTL forum. Always, when discussing Abortion (as I have a few times) the question of whether an abortion is murder or not revolves around when life begins; after all, a civilization does not condone murder of the innocent and still remain a civilization in anything but name. So inevitably, the concerned …

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Libertarian Philosophy Politics

Who’s a Libertarian?

A post I circulated during the mini-tempest concerning the speaker at the 2004 Libertarian convention. This was the beginning of my dissatisfaction with sharing air with Anarchists. The tempest in a teapot concerning Boortz speaking at the National Conference isn’t about Boortz; It isn’t even about war vs. antiwar. If you go back and read …

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Podcast Politics

9-11 Truth & Pyromaniacs in the Reichstag

Stepping back from the previous posts on the subject of 9-11 (well, other than the rebuild ’em post, that is. The effort to get the twin towers rebuilt may or may not be going anywhere, but it remains the right thing to do) The latest alert from Downsize DC says it all: Here is the …

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