ALD Silver Will Move Up, So Get it Back From the Feds

It looks like ALD will indeed move up on March 23rd. $50 an ounce after that date, from $20 an ounce at current prices. I only wish I was in a better financial position so that I could carry more silver across the Move Up.

At least we may still be able to get our silver back from the thieves who stole it; the thieves who were wearing FBI jackets when they confiscated the silver at the Liberty Dollar head office and Sunshine mint. Read on for that info.

Monday March 17, 2008

Dear Liberty Dollar Supporters:

WOW!!! The Liberty Dollar will definitely Move Up to the $50 Silver Base rather serendipitously on Easter Sunday, March 23. With the 30 Day Moving Average at $18.40 there is no alternative. And of course the fools at the fed are meeting on Tuesday to douse more gasoline on the inflationary fire of their own making.

All of this is much like the French Revolution as the wise, good men of Paris engineered the Reign of Terror. In the beginning Mirabeau and other idiots who favored fiat paper money insisted that patriotism would lead people to keep the money. Later Cambon insisted that the assignat currency was perfect. Ultimately everything was tried to keep it together. In the end the Committee of Public Safety butchered over 1900 people in one month! Most of them were merchants who refused the damn worthless currency! The people started complaining that they couldn’t buy food… because the merchants were dead! Then Napoleon came to power.

Now there are a bunch of high-minded idiots in charge of the US dollar… and we will all suffer. Not just American but the whole world. Get out of the US dollar while you still can. Sell asap and buy silver. Of course not many people will do that. It was the same with the hyperinflationary German mark before Hitler came to power.

The same hyperinflationary cycle occurred in China after World War II and Mao came to power. Click HERE to read “Inflation through History.”

Our national idiots know not what they are doing or else they are traitors. It matters not unless America’s rises to the occasion and Liberty lights the way out of the monetary quagmire. Without this beacon, t! he unfortunate outcome will be that the stupid masses will cry out for order and a new tyrant will come to power.

Yes, you can buy silver cheaper than the Liberty Dollar. Yes, silver will cover your ass but bullion will do nothing to solve our great country’s monetary problems. We need a value based currency. That is why the Liberty Dollar was specifically designed to function on a one to one basis with the US dollar – regardless of how low the US dollar goes or how high the silver goes… the Liberty Dollar was designed to be there.

Ten years ago when silver was $5 per ounce, the Liberty Dollar was introduced at the $10 Silver Base. Of course some idiots argued that the Liberty Dollar was a rip off at “twice the price of silver!” Those same one ounce 1998 Silver Libertys are now selling for up to $700 on eBay!

Now, silver is flirting with $25 ounce and the Liberty Dollar is Moving Up to the $50 Silver Base… sure enough the same idiot intelligentsia still don’t have a clue. God help us!

This is your last notice to get the Liberty Dollar at the $20 Silver Base. Please do what is right for yourself and our country. Please support the Liberty Dollar. Get some today! Deadline is Midnight, Saturday, March 22, 2008.

Please be aware that AlertPay on our shopping cart is total trash! You cannot spend over $100 unless you are approved and that is a very painful experience. Your BEST option is to send check, money order, or wire if over $5000 to Liberty Numismatics… or simply made out to “LIBERTY” as we have a new bank account.

Liberty Numismatics
225 N. Stockwell Road
Evansville. IN. 47715

Wire funds to:
Integra Bank
21 S.E. Third Street
Evansville. IN. 47708
ABA Routing NO: 086300025
Account NO: 7810349683

Please bear in mind that I am the only person here… calling is the last thing you want to do. All funds must be initiated before midnight and may be declined due to market conditions.

Please do not let the US Government Steal Your Property
If you have at least one paper or electronic Liberty Dollar, I encourage you to write US Attorney Thomas Ascik who is in charge of the forfeiture and auction of your property of Liberty Dollars that was seized by the FBI on November 14, 2007. If you do not want to lose your property, I strongly urge you to send the attached letter or something very similar to it to the US Attorney. There is no need to be abusive… “He is just doing his job”… but he needs to know that there are THOUSANDS of people like you that want to be kept informed by being placed on the government “service list”. So please US mail your letter to US Attorney Thomas Ascik ASAP. No need to send it Certified… but if you want to add your personal note… keep it brief… as it will be a waste of your time… as he will probably not even read it… such is “our” !@#$#@! government!


Thomas Ascik, Esq.
Assistant United States Attorney
100 Otis Street
Ashville, NC 28801
Phone: 828.271.4661

Dear Mr. Ascik,

I understand that you are in charge of the forfeiture and auction of the material seized in the Liberty Dollar investigation.

Please know that I am a holder of Warehouse Receipts and/or electronic Liberty Dollars and you are in possession of my lawful property.

Please be informed that I am most definitely an interested party and hereby request that you keep me informed as to every step of the process to forfeit and auction any of the material seized as required by law regarding the Liberty Dollar investigation.

Therefore, I hereby request you add me to the government’s ‘service list’ for all pleadings and all other developments filed regarding Liberty Dollar forfeiture action.

I further demand you return all material seized at Sunshine Mint immediately so I can redeem my Warehouse Receipts and/or electronic Liberty Dollars and enjoy my property.

Please confirm receipt of this letter.


(your name AND address)


Thank you during these difficult times. For it is only by banding together and adopting a free and independent currency that provides us with “just weights and measures” will we be able to throw off the yoke of a manipulated monetary/tax system and generate a peaceful and prosperous society.

Thanks for all your efforts in returning America to value – one Liberty Dollar at a time!

Bernard von NotHaus
Monetary Architect/Editor

* PS: If you have not read “Fiat Money Inflation in France” by Andrew Dickson White… read it! Very short, powerful, timely book of only 112 pages!

My letter is heading out as I post this.

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