ALD: DOJ Bombs Liberty Dollar

I have been posting most of Bernard’s Alerts on the blog. If you want all of them, they can be found here (Liberty Dollar News is here) This one is more time critical than most.

Alert #20: July 1st, 2008

Unfortunately, out of the blue… the US government aka the DOJ lobbed a bomb (in the form of a Complaint) against the Liberty Dollar’s seized property last Thursday, June 29. The civil forfeiture complaint, filed in the US District Court in Asheville NC, definitely moves your gold and silver closer to auction and the outright theft of your legal property. Fortunately, in a bizarre move, it was stayed for six months pending the ongoing criminal investigation by the FBI. Go figure.

Please click HERE to read the whole 52 page Complaint and TAKE ACTION BELOW!

Of course, nobody outside of government wants the DOJ to steal your $3.5 million Liberty Dollars in gold and silver. And a good number, almost 5,000 have signed up for the Class Action Lawsuit. But I would like to get “5,000 people involved”… so I am giving all late comers 48 hours… until 7:00 PM EDT on Wednesday… to add your name to the list.

Want to get your name in history? Well the attorney has agreed to include everybody’s name in our response. That’s right, we are going to list all the names in what might be the largest case in history. Please note this will NOT be a “Class Action Lawsuit” as that takes too much time and money. No, you will be personally represented by the attorney – if you sign up for the “Class Action Lawsuit” before 7:00 PM EDT on Wednesday.

Shortly after Wednesday, you will receive an “engagement letter” via email from the attorney. It will specify that you want him to represent you at no cost to you, except ten percent duty on all returned material. All you have to do is confirm your contact info, the approximate amount of paper and digital currency you wish to redeem, sign it and click send!

It can’t get any easier, better or cheaper! Please send this Last Call to everybody on your email list. This is your opportunity to stand tall for your monetary values.

Click HERE to sign up… if you have not done so.

Thanks for your support. I will continue to keep you informed as the big case shapes up.

Bernard von NotHaus
Monetary Architect / Editor

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