E-cigarettes not only supply “clean” nicotine, but also look like cigarettes–many even having an LED light at the tip. These products, which contain no tobacco, are noncombustible. While we’d certainly benefit from a review of their safety as well as their efficacy as cessation devices, you don’t need to be a heart surgeon to know they aren’t as dangerous as the real thing.

From How Obama Can Quit Smoking –

The article caught my eye because a couple of film friends were vaping at the Drafthouse the other day. (Their recommendation? KS-808, or the JOYE 510) [dead link]

If you’re still smoking after all the health information that’s been thrown at you in the last ten years, maybe a nicotine vaporizer is worth a try. Can’t harm you more than smoking does.

A 2015 publication on the UK government website.

An expert review of the latest evidence concludes that e-cigarettes are around 95% safer than smoked tobacco and they can help smokers to quit.

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