Texas Rising. Too Bad They Didn’t Shoot it in Texas

Bill Paxton as Sam Houston Seven minutes is all it took to pop me out of the History Channel’s Texas Rising event that they’ve been advertising for weeks. Texan Army Camp – Gonzales is a picturesque mountain hilltop – a location found NOWHERE in Texas (well maybe Big Bend) this is Texas people. It’s big. …

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Conspiratorial Fantasies

Other98 Going to dive right into this. The image at right appeared on a friend’s Facebook wall recently. The correct interpretation of facts currently on the ground is that anyone running for public office, from any party, is subject to the will of the people who fund their campaigns.  If they do not pander to the …

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Mandatory Government Service

Ed and Mildred Reich were engaged December 7, 1941, the day the Japanese bombed Pearl Harbor. They were married a few weeks later. Dad enlisted and was stationed in Camp Campbell, Kentucky. Mom didn’t want to be away from him so she found a job in a nearby factory, assembling gas masks. He rarely talks …

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Tiptoeing through Gender Issues

I’ve been a fan of John Varley’s SF since the Wife first introduced me to it. Common in most of Varley’s work is the idea that sex was something you could change on a whim. That you might actually simply choose to be sexless as a statement (which lead to other perversions) that you could become female …

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Richard Dawkins on Startalk

I’ve listened to the Startalk podcast for years. It’s not my favorite, but I do enjoy it. Far more engaging has been the Startalk show on National Geographic.  This week the interview was with Richard Dawkins; The interesting thing about this episode was Neil’s inclusion of a Jesuit priest in the panel. The lead-in giving …

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Family Humor

The Wife

(This was originally posted here. I’ve edited and expanded it a bit) “Doesn’t she have a name?” Yes, she does. Thanks for asking. It’s just that there’s this minor detail of her not wanting me to refer to her by name on the blog, or when I reference her in other online forums. Probably doesn’t want …

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The Flight Disaster That Wasn’t

Back when Flight was on screen, I got in a run-in with one of the few remaining Libertarians on my Facebook friends list (SPOILER ALERT) what follows is a clip from J. Neil Schulman‘s article on Rational Review; “…having shown in her own presentation that the cause of the problem was mechanical and the savior of …

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