Family Humor

The Naked, Dripping Walk of Shame

Fifty two years of showering and I still can’t remember to check if there is soap in the shower before getting in. Thus begins the naked, dripping walk of shame, complete with wet washcloth on the shoulder, through the house to retrieve the extra soap from the pantry. As I wander through the house, I …

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Humor Television

Fucking as in “Bucky Fucking Dent”

Watch this clip from The Late Show interview with David Duchovny promoting his new book Bucky Fucking Dent. Given that the last show I noticed him on was titled Californication, the f-bombs don’t surprise me. What does surprise me is that 40+ years after George Carlin’s 7 deadly words we are still bleeping expletives on television. …

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Philosophy Politics Status

The Corrupting Influence of Faction

Another observation and question from Robert Reich, I was speaking yesterday with a group of European politicians, who expressed surprise at how “undemocratic” our presidential nominating process is. They pointed to: 1. The large percentage of “superdelegates” (political insiders) that will decide on the Democratic Party’s nominee.  2. The large number of primaries (such as …

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Holiday Humor Podcast

April Fool’s Day

It is April the first in case most of you haven’t checked your calendars. That is April Fool’s Day in the US.  I despise April Fool’s Day. It’s the only day of the year trusted sources go out of their way to pull your leg; and as many good comics have noted, the amateurs are …

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