Fair Weather Facebook Fearmongering Hillary Hater

A comment I left on a friend’s wall when one of his friends suggested that Hillary was worse than Trump and she was voting Green;


and if that doesn’t convince you, read this http://www.theferrett.com/ferrettworks/2016/07/oh-for-fucks-sake-why-your-presidential-protest-vote-is-a-wretched-idea/

or this other thing http://ranthonysteele.blogspot.com/2016/05/us-politics-fix-starting-process.html (the last one being something I wrote) these protest votes for alternative presidential candidates, this entire obsession with the top office? Completely unwarranted.

I have other friends who can’t bring themselves to vote for Hillary. I say “so what?” all the offices down-ballot.  ALL OF THEM. Should not suffer because you don’t like the candidate at the top of the list. Voting is the last act in a series of acts in which you should have at least brought something that you agree with to the table.

If that didn’t happen, maybe you should change parties. Just remember that the current system only acknowledges two and can’t be changed except from inside those two parties. The sooner we accept this fact, the sooner we can get to work fixing the system.

Facebook status backdated to the blog.

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