Conservatives Love the Insane War on Drugs

Walls, barbed wire, wars, hate, division, intolerance, exclusion, uncertainty, fear, misery in all its myriad forms, THOSE are the very things that drive people to drugs in the first place. THOSE are the reasons why marginalized communities have such high degrees of suicide and alcoholism and drug use. Because they are desperately trying to ESCAPE.And …

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Architecture Family Podcast

Why is Work Making Us Miserable?

FT Podcast Feed Lucy Kelloway’s podcast episode Why is Work Making Us Miserable? made me wax nostalgic for my working days of yore. I had (still have) a love of architecture, a desire to understand a process and to make it work seamlessly. This made drawing architecture doubly or triply interesting. Generally I was dealing with …

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Immigration OHM Politics

Defining Normalization

The NPR Politics Podcast,  Weekly Roundup: Thursday, February 16 (transcript) is a textbook case in how to define normalization, NPR Politics Podcast,  Weekly Roundup: Thursday, February 16 The hosts utter not one single word about the Orange Hate-Monkey‘s (OHM) persecution of minorities and immigrants. Not one word about the OHM’s continued violation of the Constitution, profiting personally from …

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Holiday Humor

Valentine’s Day, 2017

Can you tell I’m not a fan of this holiday? If anyone knows the author of this image I’d love to credit them.Image first used by me here. A long time ago. What was your first clue? J. Geils Band Love Stinks The Wife and I did our Valentine’s outing at 9pm last night. I recommend …

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