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Lunch & Learn

BBC Business Daily, Being Watched at Work The take away from BBC Business Daily, Being Watched at Work is that studying work habits and office design yields a much better outcome for workers; so long as the watching is not obtrusive and that your employees do not feel that they are being treated as suspects in a …

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Entertainment OHM Politics

Not Bedazzled. GroundHog Day.

“I’m here to tell you that there is an enormous difference between those who want power only to benefit themselves and those who seek power for the betterment of us all.” Jim Wright, Stonekettlestation, Hunting the Unicorn — to Extinction That take home line from Hunting the Unicorn — to Extinction is worth including in the …

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Economics HealthCare Podcast

Vilified but Charitable?

Freakonomics, The Most Vilified Industry in America Is Also the Most Charitable This episode of Freakonomics comes with a pre-made rebuttal that I was disturbed to discover that Dubner didn’t cop to at some point during the lengthy interview segments. That perfectly reasonable rebuttal takes this form; Since the pharmaceutical industry sets the value of …

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Improper Takings

One of the segments on the Texas Standard today caught my ear, TEXAS STANDARD – FORT BEND COUNTY SUES US ARMY CORPS OF ENGINEERS OVER HARVEY-RELATED FLOODING Texas Standard [Fort Bend County Judge Robert Hebert] says the reservoir was built in such a way that overspill and flooding of private property was inevitable. “It should …

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