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Equilibrium on the Equinox

David Gerrold on Facebook What happens on September 22nd? I think to myself as I start looking through today’s history on Facebook. It’s bugging me. This day is important. There is an event that occurs today, what is it? Obviously, it is the equinox. It took a bit of googling to turn the lights on, …

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Family Health Humor


David Gerrold on Facebook All of my friends thought scaring me was funny. This has been true for as long as I can remember. Because they told me scaring people was funny, I started scaring people to see if it was funny. Weirdly enough, it was funny. It was funny when someone else other than …

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Enjoy Your Vices More

Overheard in a cigar shop:Customer – “I’ve smoked cigars for years and have always inhaled. You get the full flavor that way.”Shop – “The taste buds aren’t in your lungs ya know.” Smoking is not about taste. It’s not about the taste of burning tobacco leaves in your mouth; a taste which, to the uninitiated, …

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Hospice Oversight

I’ve been using Countable for awhile now. Every now and then the notifications and articles go completely wrong on some subliminal level. Like this one, apparently asking me if the Feds found fraud in Hospice care, Countable [T]he report shows that sometimes, patient needs have been ignored. For instance, it found that hospices provide significantly …

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Economics HealthCare Podcast

Vilified but Charitable?

Freakonomics, The Most Vilified Industry in America Is Also the Most Charitable This episode of Freakonomics comes with a pre-made rebuttal that I was disturbed to discover that Dubner didn’t cop to at some point during the lengthy interview segments. That perfectly reasonable rebuttal takes this form; Since the pharmaceutical industry sets the value of …

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HealthCare OHM

Who brought up Hillary? That Was Last Year.

They will take this embarrassment out on America. These are the people who can’t let abortion go. These are the people who can’t let their goddamned religion go. These are the people who can’t let Benghazi go. These are the people who remember every slight and every offense and they cannot let their overwhelming desire …

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