Respect for Mitt Romney?

The grave question the Constitution tasks senators to answer is whether the president committed an act so extreme and egregious that it rises to the level of a high crime and misdemeanor. Yes, he did.

New York Times
C-SPANSenator Mitt Romney votes to convict President Trump – Feb 5, 2020

…but even Mitt Romney thought it was okay for the president to stonewall the House of Representatives in their desire to investigate the president. Again I ask, who would have thought this way if Obama had stonewalled all eight (yes, eight) of the Benghazi hearings? Almost no one.


Romneycare on the Rocks

Proof positive that Democrats are not the only ones enamored of socialized systems. Yeah, Republicans are for smaller government. Take a number. Nor are Democratic ideas the only ones doomed to failure,

The subsidized insurance program at the heart of the state’s healthcare initiative is expected to roughly double in size and expense over the next three years – an unexpected level of growth that could cost state taxpayers hundreds of millions of dollars or force the state to scale back its ambitions. – The Boston Globe

I also found this article on Marginal Revolution. In reading through the comments it becomes clear to me, once again, that the average citizen has no idea what kind of system they live in now, and what they is agitating for when they asks for a single payer system.

The system we have now is not private, and single payer systems don’t work. A CATO weekly video on the subject of Health care can be found here and here. They are segments of Health Care University, which I blogged on here.

The Romney presidential campaign is now on the rocks as well.

Romney, the ex-governor of Massachusetts, suspended his bid to emerge as conservative standard bearer in the Republican party, after a disappointing showing in this week’s Super Tuesday nationwide nominating clash.

Romney quits White House race

Editor’s note, 2019. I had to restore this one from’s backup. I don’t remember deleting it, and I can’t imagine why I would have aside from it being the last time I referenced the false claims from the CATO institute concerning single-payer healthcare systems. Anyway. I put it back where it should be and am feeling properly chastened and/or outraged depending on who deleted this article the first time. Hope it wasn’t me.